Thursday, November 10, 2005

Its a fast life

These dez i am living life in the fast lane, and by fast i mean really fast .... I always plan to do this and do that but all i can say is that i find no time ...perhaps its such a situation at the job side tht if i want to succeed i need to prove myself and i see oppurtunity but all i dont seee is the time , i am trying my best to crunch in every moment but well its not working ...!!!
well i feel thats the part of the challenge. At home life is just a few seconds before i get up and run again .... everyday i decide ill sleep early but well how many resolutions have i followed till date :d
Another day ends another day to rise. But all i can say is i cant giv up and there will be a way out of this whole mess , and ill surely find it some day ...
still miles to go before i sleep

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