Tuesday, April 24, 2007

finding faults

finding faults
blaming self
life halts
goes in shelf
who is to blame
not me nor u
just the moment
which made us belive
life goes on anew
few stay back
others start to live...

Saturday, April 21, 2007

keep running

running across the meadows
running across the terrain
running is all what i do
i keep running even in pain
but till when will i keep running this way
this body needs some place to rest at bay
some corner calm with nothing to run
some caring shoulder just helping me shun
Just a peaceful moment to get back what i am
a cozy bed to to stop me in my timespan

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

A world beyond my own….

In silence I tread with mysteries alone
Fostering thoughts inside me they had outgrown
Searching for answers within myself
I seeked something to get out of my shelf
Lost in circles where vision was absent
I got a hope, a will to transcend
A dash of smiles, a sense of self
A trickle of joy pushing confusion up the shelf
The value of me today I have known
When I saw a world beyond my own….

Sometimes when your own world seems all unbearable and confused all it takes is a look outside our own window, a look into a world outside ours and someone around to talk to.
Just some moments of life beyond your own makes you realize what you have been searching all alone…

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

just thinkin...

Human beings dont like to be told how to behave
They dont like to be told that something is eternally ideal and should be followed unless they ask for
such an intervention conscioslyHowever when unconsciosly the same occurs it is called as an influence.The moment one realizes an influence as an influence one doesnt like that.
As Humans We always seek control in everything that we do. And the realization of an influence makes us
fear the loss of control. When humans are told by other humans that something is good or bad which is controlled by the creator.
The creator accepts such an intervention only when the intervention is asked for.
The ideal is defined in each of us and considered as the ultimate truth for us. But when the ideal is challenged of an attempt to change the ideal in head by others or the environment, human mind gets defensive or uses an excuse like hatred or incabability to not change.The eternal search of every human is to be stable and remain stable in all directions. Perhaps that is
the reason why it is said that human by core nature is a lazy animal. The human mind seeks stability from the chaos that exists within it. And as soon as it gets the imagery of stability it opposes any activity or influence from the environment to be unstable again.However the concept of being stable in itself is a fallacy. Even if we feel we are stable we are not it
is that we are able to supress the unstable characteristics unconsciosly and try to belive to be stable.
At times of heavy confusion we try to build up and put across a feather of stability by not looking at the unstable aspects in fear of unstability in itself.
This explains the mental state during gain of new knowledge or insights. During such a phase when we target a stable mind we are in a extreeme unstable mind. When knowledge that our stable self has no idea is gained it tries to modify our state. Now this causes a fear of state change to the unstable. It also makes us feel a loss of control unconsciosly which explains the uneasiness during such a period.However if the gain of knowledge is conscios and the moment this knowledge makes meaning i.e. becomes a part of a our stabe state the self becomes less baffled and less confused.
Now think of the designers mind while defining something totally new.....