Sunday, May 16, 2010

Another day...

Another day.
Started with social event called wedding. Followed by bringing smiles to a few faces. Pure happiness is so divine that it makes me feel amazingly good to see it visible on anyones face.

Also had a small chat with driver on the way back. Interestingly the chat went into areas where i wouldnt really talk normally. Be it sachins ferrari or the drivers impression of Amitabh bacchan or Mercedes. What i observed in such situations was that putting a face of agreement in front of the driver helped me listen to more and more of his natural thoughts. Yes we always have loads to share and loads to show off in terms of knowledge. But at times listening to already known knowledge shows sweet ways of how things are actually transcribed by humans.

It tells you about their culture, their backgrounds, their pains, their joys. Discrediting the thought does not succeed in any constructive communication. Instead adding to the conversation in a non " I know better" manner helps. Most of the times the person sharing may feel the control of the conversation. However the fact of the matter is that with silence and listening you can control a talk more efficiently and make them more qualitative.

Yes in a general mood of not wanting to listen to some crap of some low lying driver who stays in slums and worries about ministers would be really boring. However the element of story telling truly changes the perspective of listening and surely makes one more satisfied in the process.

Yes its not always about listening, however at the same time, its also not just about keeping your stand to say since i am more educated and more richer than this individual, I know better. The profit is always of the listener and not that of the teller.

Anyways, another one of my chats with people of the bottom of the pyramid helps me understand the ways in which they exist in this highly complex mesh called life.

Hope you are coping up with the mesh steadily...or else just listen to some strangers story...helps you look at things positively.'

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Singing my own tune...again :)

Think big, act fast and look sharp.
Thats what my new baby says with attitude. Yes I have done it again...I have shifted to another handset. This time A baby thats so fast (600 MHz ARM 11 CPU and 128 MB RAM) that even my first desktop would shy away.It has Wifi, GPS, Camera, Radio, Music Player, Word. PDF, PPT, reader....phew...this is one healthy bomb full of features.

This is the first time that i have actually bought a phone that has just launched. Was perhaps the third owner of the smart piece of art in my area.

After huge contemplation between older N79 and this one, i finally fell for the looks of E52. Its sleek, usable and best of all works in every setting.

My transition to an E series is kind of an experiment with my own self. Lets hope this one stays faithful to me for a while now.....And yes...for those new to my is a link to the last time i switched my phone...Cya

Futurama and Doraemon : A different future

As a kid I remember drawing strange spaceships that had no connection to the engineering or working of them. I also remember specifically watching on the then B&W TV connected using the new buzz of the town called “Cable TV”. I used to watch a Japanese animation where a strange looking Cat used to help his owner by getting high tech devices from his pocket. Not that I understood Japanese language back then….but yes I surely used to be excited with the innovative devices.
Switch to the future…here I am 26 year old and I happen to be still hooked on the same animation and now I know its name…Doraemon. I simply salute the animators (Hiroshi Fujimoto) innovative thinking capability in creating such an awesome near to reality yet futuristic animation.
I clearly see a connection to consumer goods when I see the immense amount of devices( Also called as Dogu) Doraemon comes up with. From Anywhere door to Small light are somethings yearned by scientists for years. What is also interesting is the interactions of these devices. For example one of the dogu which was very similar to todays google earth. In this device one could project any place in the universe and then click snaps of ours in that place. If you look at it closely we can actually make such devices where a merger of software and hardware can create amazing devices.

As Doraemon keeps amazing me another animation has been one of my favorites off late…and that is Futurama. Created by the makers of Simpsons, this futuristic comedy is truly amazing. The pun intended on every aspect of futuristic life is truly exciting.

The animation is surely not for kids with its slightly adult script, but yes again the innovations of the future even here are exciting to watch. Be it advertisements being broadcasted in dreams or the heavy drinking robot benders sarcastic speech.

The animation is set in the year 3000 and it shows how the character Fry time travels to the future. The invasion of aliens and human interactions with robots and fellow aliens.

The animation surely brings us to think about the future in a more playful exciting manner.

So next time you want to visualize the future or rack your brains on some design scenarios..You can watch episodes of Doraemon and Futurama on Youtube.


Saturday, May 01, 2010

Selling aint that easy

I have been staying away from the activity of sales and marketting however little did i expect that i would have to end up doing it some day. When i moved to chandigarh, for my new job..<> I purchased some second hand furniture...ofcourse the guy I bought it from sold it to me at a higher cost to gain his own profits. But now when i had to sell the same furniture back, i did realize the art and skill of selling. The concept of "upselling" was known to me but I surely realized it lately. We talk about User experience etc...but customer experience itself is a great activity in all. Around till the first week i tried to sell the furniture all by myself, but then i realized an accomplice can help. So i teamed up with my bldg watchman to help me find the customers. This guy was amazing, from day two I had customers ranging from pan chewing dealers to housemaids to good looking was an experience in speaking to them in different tones. Like some had a concern about the age of the TV , Fridge or Washing machine. While others had more concern about how it looked or more how it could be transported etc. Price ofcourse was everybodies concern. I started my sale at a handsome price...soon i started realizing that my high cost was driving out my greatest customers who were the people from the bottom of the pyramid.

As my date of leaving came closer, my risk of loss was increasing rapidly. Now in the phase 2 of my plan i had a different focus, i had to minimize my loss.
Somehow i managed to sell of my stuff at decent prices. But yes i surely learnt a good lesson in life. Things like when selling second hand goods, your behavior has to be completely opposite to bargaining mentality. If you get a customer for X amount which is less than what you quoted but however is still getting you a decent profit, dont be too stringent on your price. Reduce it to reduce loss. Customer once gone will never come back...even if u call him million times...also that when u sell..depending on the customer talk to him....everybody is interested in different dimensions of the dont sell the whole product to everyone.. Also in the whole process my watchman was useful, and his usefullness increased when i showed him a profit of some goods from my house...this was bigger motivation to him to sell things as against the initial money i had offered him.
In Short here are the lessons i learnt:

1. If possible dont buy second hand goods...unless resale value is high
2. While selling quickly ( you dont have time for user reserarch there) judge your customer and adapt to his behavior...make it look natural.
3. Know your numbers in your quick at loss and profit calculation
4. Take phone numbers of your customers in case you dont get any customer later.
5. Respect your customer even if he is a sweeper, remember he has to pay you.
6. Use your resources to the full...if required share a percent of your profit, or tangible goods themself

Full respect to all those sales people out there... Trust me knowing humans and their behavior is important everywhere...not just design.