Thursday, September 30, 2010

Some feelings in Hindi...

लम्हों की तकदीरे

लम्हो कि तक़्दीरो पे युन चल चले है ख्वाब
जाने क्यो आशाओं पे उचल पड़े है ख्वाब
बस रास्ते अजनबी चुन चले है ख्वाब

क्या गलत...

क्या गलत क्या सही
सच क्या है किसीको पता नहीं
ज़िन्दगी की गहराई में डूबता जा रहे है
कोशिशे हजारो किये जा रहे है
हर मोड़ पे धुन्द्ते है एक राह नयी
एक दिन मंजिल मिल जाएगी हमें कही ना कही

Feelings in Marathi after long

खूप चालवली लोकांनी दुनिया आता मला हि काही करू दे
खूप झाले लहानपण आता मला ही मोठे होऊ दे
ती लगाम हाथी घेयून आता नवीन काही घडवूया
ऐकत खूप बसलो आता जगाला काही ऐक्वूया

Hindi Translation:

बहुत चलाली लोगोने दुनिया अब मुझे कुछ करणे दो
बहुत हो गया बच्पना अब मुझे बडा होणे दो
वोह लगाम हाथ लेकर चलो कुछ नया निर्माण करे
सुनते बहोत बैठे अब दुनिया को सुनाये

Friday, September 03, 2010

That place called Home...

Home is where u long to come.
Home is where u sing a song to come.
Home is where u belong to come.
Home is where u feel strong to come...

Its a place which most of us take for granted...but when we leave it..we realize the importance of it...

Bangalore (HAL Main Gate)
Bangalore-1 (Kormangala)
Bangalore (HAL Main Gate)
Bangalore-2(Rammurthy Nagar)

In last 5 years...ever since I left mumbai for NID...I must have changed around 5+ houses...
Calling new places as not easy...especially when u are attached to a populous mega city called MUMBAI.

So finally after shifting to bangalore, I have called another place Home.
By now the basic list of setting up a home is in the back of my mind. But everytime i do it...there is a distinct excitement and a unique sense of freedom, which can be compared to none. I may not have reached the level of buying a new house but again...the partial ownership is no lesser.

So here I am, another beginning...dunno where this path takes me now...But yeah...the spirits are high and the drive is long...and I know...there is a destination..somewhere behind the clouds..