Saturday, November 06, 2010

Ek aisi bhi diwali

A different diwali this year i can say...didnt go back home due to work reasons and here i am in bangalore. Initially a bit saddening looking at more than half the city gone home...but as things progressed i surely enjoyed the experience.

Some expected plans were cancelled...which was obvious...
So I took it up to explore bangalore, going to unknown places and do what i love to do best...Explore.
Before that, started the day by giving my laundry guy a Fruit and Nut chocolate. Little did he expect such a diwali gift, the smile on his face was worth it.
This was followed by my micro city Exploration:

- Shivaji Nagar(Some Islamic touch of diwali excitement)
- Bangalore Palace( The Wodeyars showing off their Raj days)
- Cunningham road(Masti Excitement of people on road)
- Vidhan Soudha("Government Work is Gods work"!!!)
- Cubbon Park( Silent peaceful, the true green bangalore)
- UB City Mall(Filled with things i cant afford, but surely would love to own).
- ..and finally MG road.(Felt like diwali back home...glitz glam..and people :) )

Ended up buying some of my favorite international magazines( Wired, Computer Arts) at a shop called "Magazines" on Church Street ( Recommended ).

I surely started the journey with no target or destination, but the satisfaction of finding a magazine shop that actually sells what i yearned for all through the year...was surely an icing on the cake(Also struck a deal with the guy to deliver those magazines via courier to office :D). God always has plans to surprise me in his usual style.

Watever it is...ended the day with hot tomato soup with buttered toasts.. watching Obama visit my hometown..mumbai...Quiet a day i should say.

P.S.:Happy Diwali to all who somehow managed to reach this page. ;)