Monday, November 10, 2014

Dragged feet

When are you an adult i beg to ask
Is it when you do every task
Become a slave to money and fame
Put up a face so that you dont look lame

When do you become mature i beg to know
Is it when all emotions you let go
Become an indifferent soul
Put up a mask of worldly role

When do we call ourselves a success
Is it when all relations are in a mess
When life in itself looks at you
and asks back,,,do you still live?


Fake stars
long hours
lost soul
incomplete role
virtual roads
smaller toads
big fish
petri dish

Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Odds...these are not mere speed impeding barriers...
they are ever unstable diving boards...
they are the ones that painstakingly create the human inside you...
they are the ones who shape you into the person you ought to be...
yes these are the odds which may break you down , make you feel the worst
but at the same time which make ready to survive the challenge called life...
may the odds be with you..

Friday, September 13, 2013

Turning 30

Its been long since i wrote something in this space and as i see the frequency of my updates has gone down too....and trust me there is lots to share but no time.

Ever since i have moved on to a new organization life has been in the fast lane. And with that there are loads of other things coming between me and my expression via words...but having said that because of non availability most of my writing has become traditional pen and paper.

So whats been happening...firstly as the title says...i have turned 30...its one of those times when u feel you are now an official adult and yet somewhere deep down inside your heart doesnt want to believe in it. 3 decades are a lot of time i guess...but this 30th birthday of mine was pretty fascinating. Firstly i didnt celebrate it in India...i was far far away...neither did i celebrate it with any of my loved ones...they were far far away..and probably sleeping. Thats because i was in the land of opportunities called USA. It had been a long time dream to be in US meeting my friends and experiencing the life of the much talked about country of this world. Luckily work took me there and that too for a month long.

And just to rewind a bit from the birthday to when i arrived in US. I was sent to Sarasota a small city in Florida down south of US. Hot and humid with rain the place was almost like Mumbai. But one of the most fascinating parts of the shore city was its sunsets and evening skies...something i cannot forget all my life. Perhaps god had his plans to make me happy in a very different way. Sometimes gifts are not about the value but how they make you feel and who better than god to understand this.

The month in US went along pretty fast and with lots of work...but i did take some time off and go to NYC and Washington DC. The euphoria of Times Square cannot be described in blog entries like surely is an experience worth taking once in lifetime. And so is the pride of DC. which is clearly reflected in its monuments. The Smithsonian museums are an experiential package that shows how exhibition design reaches its epitome. And finally the frenzy of NYC as a whole, be it walking down the streets or partying all night, you see a mixture of cultures castes and wonder its called a world has the glitz the glam and the heart to welcome everyone.
I also happened to catch a Broadway show...and that too Phantom of the Opera...which has music that hypnotizes the mind...Broadway is the mecca of musicals and i am happy to have witnessed it in person.

Work went on for a month boiling down to my 30th birthday on which i was working too...and what better than to not have anyone know around you that its your birthday. Not to cut a cake not to blow candles but just sit across a street looking at the sunset and re-living the rollercoaster that life has been...and in my case i surely will say...thank you god...for being there...and making me realize...if its not the best its not the end...its just a journey to reach there...

P.S.: For some visual journey of my US trip...check out my flickr album here

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Every Adult was once a kid...

Every Adult was once a kid...
Who stood crying and looked stupid
Behind their serious long face
lies a naughty, chubby yet honest face
With desires to fly like superman
or do the magic like a fairy can...

Every Adult once was shy
and hugged their mothers, never knowing why
They cuddled up in their bed
when ghosts in darkness they dread

Every Adult once was free
and never had lifes monotony
They woke up with a plan to play
a jump a hop and it was end of day

They had no deadlines on their head
nor had to cook their daily bread
With millions of ideas that they had
no one judged if they were good or bad.

Every Adult once grew up
from the milk bottle to the coffee cup
but deep inside there is still a kid
who wants to live life like once they did...
- Now an Adult Amit :(

Saturday, October 06, 2012

Changing times...

Change is an eternal part of the universe and running away from it doesnt fetch much benefit to the success of life. But at the same time we all are naturally tuned to avert change and get into comfort boxes. It then becomes our duty to consciously fight through our natural inertia and force ourselves out to newer horizons which wait for us to help us prove our potential beyond the usual.  Perhaps thats what human kind has done over the years and hence we have unleashed innumerable potentials to do things which were otherwise considered impossible or beyond human capacity.
So why the philosophical start to the entry...well wanted to share a thought which has been long lingering in my brain and perhaps over which i acted recently and successfully moved on. Yes i no more work for IBM, after 2+ years of impacting IBM's intranet and i decided to move on. IBM was a great learning which perhaps i will never forget, and i dont say this because i have to... but perhaps there are many things which the organization taught me, i was never a part of such massive organization before and hence its structure and workings were a learning for me. It also gave me a change to be truly global in one way, since communicating with individuals from across the planet was a rich experience. I saw passionate people, clumsy people, dedicated people, cribbing people and perhaps all kinds of people and each one did help me understand the dos and don'ts towards success in life in their own way.

Some time back IBM gave me a High Flyer Award...which was in the form of a small metallic plane. ( in picture) little did i know i would be so impressed by the idea of flying that i will end up joining a company and domain that deals with aerospace. Well yes i am now a Sr. Designer at Honeywell Technologies Limited in the aerospace department. Why the change? and why into such a different domain? Well to all those who ask me this question the first thought that goes in my head is ...Why not? When i shifted from Engineering to Design and got into National Institute of Design, everybody had the same question. To tell you frankly. I was looking for a new challenge in life. Didn't want to linger in my comfort zone and feel this is it. sometimes i have a tendency towards getting into things i am not aware at me the scope of learning about it. But also particularly i wanted to get into something more impact full w.r.t. to software Design. The software i design or create need not just be used for the sake of fun or addition of joy element, but rather be something which impacts the world via users efforts towards say work. I saw this opportunity in aerospace since software or any other equipment here would be critical in nature. Which makes me design in a more meticulous manner and hence learn more things which i may neglect otherwise. Also what i see is the scope for research and future inclusion of myself in contribution to research areas.

So after much contemplation and pushing the static inertia of myself towards the comfort zone i had built in IBM, i chose to move on.. Here i am now in a new world with new people around me but yes it surely is a challenge never the less. With all the new jargon of aerospace its a steep climb. But in the end its how i take it and face it will matter and perhaps that's what i was anyways looking for. 

Friday, August 24, 2012

Choti choti khushiyan

छोटी छोटी खुशियाँ, उन्हें धुंडने चला मैं 
शायद कही गुम हो गयी, छोटी सी जो है 

कभी मुस्कान दिल की यूँ ही ले आती है
बिना सोचे बिना समझे हमको हसती है 

ना past का भूत ना future की चिंता
इनके छोटे से लम्हों मैं हमें मस्त कर जाती है 

कभी मीठे से चुटकुले, कभी छेड़खानी यारो मैं 
कभी icecream की treat , कभी टॉफी so sweet 

बिन सोचे बिन समझे टेंशन दूर कर जाती है
छोटी छोटी खुशियाँ आज कल बड़ी याद आती है 

Saturday, August 18, 2012

भीगे पन्ने

भीगे पन्नो की एक कहानी है 
आज बारिश को यूँ सुनानी है 
लिखा तो बहुत था उनपे 
उन्ही शब्दों मैं यह बह जानी है 

श्याही चाहे पकड़ न सकी 
फिर भी ख्वाबो की दुनिया अनजानी है 
कुछ बूंदे ही लगी उन्हें मिटाने
फिर भी उसे पहचान अपनी जतानी है 

उस श्याही को यूँ दाग न कहो 
इन्हें अब भी दास्ताँ जतानी है 
भीगे पन्नो की एक कहानी है 
आज बारिश को यूँ सुनानी है