Thursday, December 29, 2016

Because we need to believe

We all look for acceptances...we want people to accept us as we are...we want people to believe in us in what we think and above all I'm what we believe in....its strange but we spend our lives looking for people who will give us all this...but we don't spend time I'm connecting with our own self. Our inner self of accepting our own a way we actually need people who will help us believe in our own selves...those are the people we should look for...because the result of what those people accomplish...can be validated by us...but if we merely rely on people who accept us...we may end up in believing in fake illusions ..which may just not be really accepting us...but merely giving that impression. When we do find people who help us believe in ourselves...over time it's not those people whom.we will look for...but maybe become one of them who makes others believe in who they are...

Wednesday, November 02, 2016

you are not what you think are...

You are not what you think you are...
you are just another bruise, just another scar

Dont bask in the glory
This is just a blip in your story
You will fall and lose it all
You will hit your face against the wall
There are leaps and bounds to reach the star
You are not what you think you are...

Dont stop its not the end
No!! you are not tired so dont pretend.
These so called good days are not here to stay.
This is just the start you got to go a long way
Its not the end of the race
Youve just finished a practice with a pathetic pace

You are not what you think you are
You are much more if you can reach that far...

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Fragile spaces

Fragile world fragile spaces
Virtual goals unknown chases
No one cares how critical their pace is
Everyone is running their own races
Selling someone else's catch
Fake victory untill it's snatched
Unsettled dream was it yours?
Never mind now you've spent hours
Lost time no one owns
Precious moments no one loans
Were you on stage when the world cheered
Or just an audience barely revered

Sunday, September 11, 2016

सबकी एक कहानी है

सबकी एक कहानी है
दिल से जो उन्हें सुननी है
दुनिया जिससे अनजानी है
लेकिन अपने दिल ने खूब पहचानी है

उस कहानी का कोई मोल नहीं
पर दूसरो से भी कोई तोल नहीं
दर्द भी है रंजिश भी है
कही खुशिया कही कशिश भी है

जैसी भी है दिल को लुभानी है
कुछ सहूलियत के पल मिल जाए
तो आँखों से बयां हो जानी है ..
सबकी एक कहानी है
दिल से जो उन्हें सुननी है 

Wednesday, June 15, 2016


When the year starts floating like a breeze and a song
when moments look flashy and night doesn't take long
when mornings look like just another phase
when memory fails to recollect past days

When thoughts start jumping from tasks to acts
when emotions start limping with unknown facts
when sense of self has vanished at infinity
when personal shelf overflows beyond capacity

it is then that time has lost its faith
in you and your mind there is no wait
that urge of being a part of the whole
has sucked your life, has erased your soul...

Thursday, May 12, 2016

just a moment...

We all live in a moment
A moment of love
A moment of glory
A moment of sorrow
A moment full of story
And then one fine day
We just pass away
All in a moment... living transitory

Friday, January 01, 2016

Classroom called 2015.

So its time for the yearly wrap-up and re-visiting the story, not sure about resolutions though.
2015 was a year with lots of realisations and things that happened to me rather than me making them happen. It was like a lesson in life that helps u grow up and be strong.

Unlike last years travel centric euphoria, 2015 had a mix of happiness and sadness. It started in the comforts of Hyatt where me and my wife had planned a day offsite within Bengaluru itself. A much needed break for both of us sitting by the window imagining what 2015 had to offer for us.

And as the story unfolded many new facets of life were unraveled. Starting with my cousins wedding in Jan, i happened to travel to mumbai. Every family wedding has only strengthened my thought that Indian weddings are just an act of public acceptance, and less about the bride and groom. But i was happy that my brother found his life partner.  

Cut to Second edition of Honeywell Design Challenge, the sheer anxiety on the faces of students to win the competition was a moment worth capturing. To win something maybe is not just about the victory but more about the experience you undergo to reach there.

The bug of sharing my design gyaan had stung me in 2014, but 2015 brought in many opportunities to take it ahead seriously. I visited IIIT Jabalpur to conduct a full week course on UX Design. The moments of going to an unknown place and making friends with students by end of the week are priceless. Students took me to a remote yet beautiful place called Bargi dam at the end of the course. Life is better lived in short bursts of surprising moments rather than prolonged set of planned expectations…perhaps this was one such moment.

I did a second visit to mumbai around that month for my sisters baby shower. The thought that i would now become an uncle was a bit confusing in the beginning. But i guess by the end of the year i have learnt to accept that and many more such things.

This year i also got to work on my very beloved wearable called the apple watch. I finally got to play and design for the much awaited device, which had been in my mind since a long time. But the fact that anticipation built doesn't always end up the same way is a constant bombardment life has on me. 

April also brought in the visit to Delhi and Rudrapur. Meeting and playing with kids, along with the solace that it gives you also teaches how some simple things give excitement that cannot be compared with expensive gifts. 

In May i got a chance to share my Wearables gyaan at lounge47, a private group of startup advisors, where i could meet up interesting people. The presentation went well leaving me a thought or two on how impacting in small pockets can also bring about change, it doesn't have to be a revolution always.

The rainy days of june and july brought in some bigger surprises. My sister was gifted with a pretty cute and darling girl child. That moment of reckoning re-appeared on my thought bubble. There is surely a different joy when you make a young one smile. I also got an opportunity to guide some young designers this year, be it within the company as interns or being a jury panelist in design institutes. Guiding anyone teaches you more than the person you guide…it teaches you what not to do more than what to do in time.

As a part of project work some trips to unique places like ATC towers in bangalore and mumbai, or even in private jet offices were fun. In the end as vacation i even got a chance to visit the golden temple and amritsar getting a taste of sikhism with a flair of the delhi monarchy at red fort, humayuns tomb and the  jama masjid.
Grandiose and rarity of any place is just another bulb in our minds, i guess once u have experienced it the mind rushes to newer experiences to get amazed or amused by them.

This year also brought in some moments of extreme loss to me. Because as i taught and sat in juries at national level institutes like NID. I also happened to lose some of the greatest inspirations in my life. My most favourite person on this planet, my grandmother, left for heavenly abode this year. She was not just another elder giving lessons to me, she was much more than that…she was an inspiration and a idol for willpower for me. Her way of living life without troubling anyone is something i can never forget as a lesson. 
I also lost my very own family doctor this year, she was another strong willed lady who since childhood, instead of giving me medicine always gave me just strength by sharing a conversation with me. When you lose people in your lives, you realise all that you learnt from them and kept learning with their existence, an invisible strength that cannot be replaced.

2015 also marked the demise of two more public figures whom i revered a lot, MP Ranjan,a design Guru. India also lost another gem called APJ Abdul Kalam, a president who was a motivator to me.

Life is like the classroom with no syllabus,no benches and no dedicated teachers, it teaches you in ways that you don't understand until you move ahead and look back. I guess that was 2015 for me…a learning.To face the unexpected and to accept every thing that comes my way gracefully and patiently.

Lets see what 2016 has in-store for me… till then adios. 
Wish you a new year full of unique and exciting experiences.