Back to a Father

Its been a really long time since i last blogged. For those of you wondering where did i vanish let me tell you i was busy falling in love with a beautiful angel called JIA. I am a father now and personal time has been a rare entity for me. Not that i am complaining, but any change in life takes its toll on your reality. For the pleasant change of my life it was really a transition for me to adapt a very different role in life.

On 24th July 2016 something beautiful arrived in my life. We named her Jia. The problem with our society is that very rarely do fathers talk about fatherhood. So infact when all this was happening no one sat me down and told me about the roller coaster ride coming up ahead. Fatherhood as i am learning one day at a time has a sense of responsibility mixed with dash of emotions which never existed in your system in the first place. And by saying that i am not diminishing the super important role of mothers. Its just that one tends to be more expressive than the …

Because we need to believe

We all look for acceptances...we want people to accept us as we are...we want people to believe in us in what we think and above all I'm what we believe in....its strange but we spend our lives looking for people who will give us all this...but we don't spend time I'm connecting with our own self. Our inner self of accepting our own a way we actually need people who will help us believe in our own selves...those are the people we should look for...because the result of what those people accomplish...can be validated by us...but if we merely rely on people who accept us...we may end up in believing in fake illusions ..which may just not be really accepting us...but merely giving that impression. When we do find people who help us believe in ourselves...over time it's not those people whom.we will look for...but maybe become one of them who makes others believe in who they are...

you are not what you think are...

You are not what you think you are...
you are just another bruise, just another scar

Dont bask in the glory
This is just a blip in your story
You will fall and lose it all
You will hit your face against the wall
There are leaps and bounds to reach the star
You are not what you think you are...

Dont stop its not the end
No!! you are not tired so dont pretend.
These so called good days are not here to stay.
This is just the start you got to go a long way
Its not the end of the race
Youve just finished a practice with a pathetic pace

You are not what you think you are
You are much more if you can reach that far...

Fragile spaces

Fragile world fragile spaces Virtual goals unknown chases No one cares how critical their pace is Everyone is running their own races Selling someone else's catch Fake victory untill it's snatched Unsettled dream was it yours? Never mind now you've spent hours Lost time no one owns Precious moments no one loans Were you on stage when the world cheered Or just an audience barely revered

सबकी एक कहानी है

सबकी एक कहानी है
दिल से जो उन्हें सुननी है
दुनिया जिससे अनजानी है
लेकिन अपने दिल ने खूब पहचानी है

उस कहानी का कोई मोल नहीं
पर दूसरो से भी कोई तोल नहीं
दर्द भी है रंजिश भी है
कही खुशिया कही कशिश भी है

जैसी भी है दिल को लुभानी है
कुछ सहूलियत के पल मिल जाए
तो आँखों से बयां हो जानी है ..
सबकी एक कहानी है
दिल से जो उन्हें सुननी है


When the year starts floating like a breeze and a song when moments look flashy and night doesn't take long when mornings look like just another phase when memory fails to recollect past days
When thoughts start jumping from tasks to acts when emotions start limping with unknown facts when sense of self has vanished at infinity when personal shelf overflows beyond capacity
it is then that time has lost its faith in you and your mind there is no wait that urge of being a part of the whole has sucked your life, has erased your soul...

just a moment...

We all live in a moment
A moment of love
A moment of glory
A moment of sorrow
A moment full of story
And then one fine day
We just pass away
All in a moment... living transitory