Sunday, April 09, 2006

Thinking again!!!!!!

Motivation books help you get motivated, technical books help you understand things but after all you need to decide by yourself what you need to do. I believe people can tell you what to do on the basis of what they have perceived with their eyes, they can never see the world from what you see or what you want to see.
My thoughts may just turn out to be irrelevant to someone else but they do mean a lot to me at times. I think that is what makes us all human, an ability to think out of what we see.
A farmers son who has just seen the farms all his life aspires to be a farmer. He has no idea what it may just be to work in a software firm. But the moment he understands what it is or for that matter understands how much he can earn from it he aspires to be one. The exposure to knowledge gives us the ability to choose. But then comes the question of excessive information. Lets take an example that one person knows that a road from A to B is via C and does not know any other road. He blindly follows that road or he tries to find a new road if he has the belief there is another road. But what about a person who knows that the journey A to B can be covered by road C,D,E,… and numereous other ways how does he decide whch one to choose? I belive this is the simple case of information overload these days. I personally had the uncanny prveledge to go through this mess and perhaps I go through it everyday. Sometimes I feel ignorance is really a bliss in such cases because you need to put that extra thought to choose the right road to your destination and even if you do start the journey on one road the fear that the other could have been better is always there. But that’s life god gives you roads to choose the one you choose is your choice and becomes your destiny.
Somewhere down the line I feel free will exists and even god doesn’t want to hamper it. He gives u the choices, the alternatives as per your ability and then u have the free will to decide where you want to go. So that way every person is responsible for his own destiny.

I walk alone becoz I dream
I choose my path becoz I live
And live my life as my eyes perceive
Confusing I wander searching the unknown
Just hoping someday ill find myself in this smog of endless periphery…

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Why do i expect????/

i waited for you but you never came
life these dez is never the same
how much ever i try to runaway
i end up thinking of you everyday
i somehow know you dont feel the same
it aint your fault you arent to be blamed
its just me and ill get through this
only difference being this time you ill surely miss.....