I am but a piece of you...

 All of us eventually expose ourselves to many realities around us. We meet people, see places and fall in situations which are new or unique to us alone. And after all we cant deny that we are monkeys, we have mirror neurons jumping in our heads wanting to reflect whatever we see. The unique thing is that we always reflect the world in our own way. We borrow from the world its behaviors and things we understand but we do so using our own unique composition that we have created over time. This starts with our very own parents. Not only are they conscious role models due to the demonstrated acts that they put up in front of us as parents to build our so called good habits. But also every action that parents do eventually ends up being something we absorb. Eventually our unique self exists, yes it very much does, but not as a standalone piece originating from us, but as an amalgamation of all those selves that we saw around us. The reason i call these reflections as other selves is becau

Life goes on...

Not always can we determine how things work. We can try but not always things happen your way And those are the times..When you just stay strong...No you can't ask what went wrong... Because come what may life goes on... Long time Synced fine Unsaid reason Longing season Self belief Departed thief Staying strong Life goes on

Stuck in your head

Stories in your head That you never said Because sometimes Nothing rhymes Waiting endlessly for alarm chimes

Old memories...

Breaking through virtues, breaking through glory Of all that I assumed is a past is a story Its getting ahead is what matters now I may not know when, may not know how But alone I start this battle unknown Through the rough edges of past I think I have grown A dash of solitude a tint of will It’s a just a new beginning have to walk a long way still --- making a tryst with destiny …Amit Patil..age 23

Give yourself a minute...

Give yourself a minute a minute with yourself without the clock without the talk without the mail without the tale Give yourself that moment of silence within without the thought without all that was taught without the worry without the hurry take yourself away from for a moment or two and see how you fly with a vigour renewed

Chasing Dreams

Glass Buildings Fragile Souls Starry illusions Fake Roles Lured Candy Cant Resist Chasing Dreams Do they exist?

Back to a Father

Its been a really long time since i last blogged. For those of you wondering where did i vanish let me tell you i was busy falling in love with a beautiful angel called JIA. I am a father now and personal time has been a rare entity for me. Not that i am complaining, but any change in life takes its toll on your reality. For the pleasant change of my life it was really a transition for me to adapt a very different role in life. On 24th July 2016 something beautiful arrived in my life. We named her Jia. The problem with our society is that very rarely do fathers talk about fatherhood. So infact when all this was happening no one sat me down and told me about the roller coaster ride coming up ahead. Fatherhood as i am learning one day at a time has a sense of responsibility mixed with dash of emotions which never existed in your system in the first place. And by saying that i am not diminishing the super important role of mothers. Its just that one tends to be more expressive than the