Thursday, September 28, 2006

Restructuring Me...

So many thoughts
So many ways
So much of thinking
So much of chaos
A little in my head, so much of what I said
Not wanting a word from it to fade
Yet cant keep it all unsaid

Simple yet complicated that’s life for me
‘coz everyday a new picture is what I see
in silence words perpetuate through my head
making me think of all that I said
a sudden voice comes over from away
which inside myself helps me stay
but all these thghts and all these words
what do I do of them they fly like birds
to be the best is what everyone strives
in the rat race running to see who shines
how long will I run, how long will I climb?
A reason to strive in this unaware loneliness
A reason to structure the unsaid mess
Where do I go from here I dunno
But somehow someday ill surely know