Tuesday, August 21, 2007

That thing called Confidence

Confidence is a strange thing.
A thin line it draws in any person.
More of it and it harms because it bounces against what is possible by our selves in the society, more of it and it hampers the way in which we interact with the society.
No doubt the region of over confidence is considered or tagged as bad by the society.
And there is under confidence so called to be no confidence at times (but I believe “no confidence” does not exist). No confidence is considered bad again by the society and hence I believe that every one needs a confidence ratio that lies between the two and everyone juggles between the thin line of confidence….shifting to over confidence at times and no confidence at the other, his acceptance about this in public is another issue. This drift is what gets a person running in different instances. If somehow one masters the stability between confidence and no confidence life seems to be more successful or easy to live…..but the strangeness of this thing of confidence remains ….

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