Monday, December 22, 2008

Proving myself right...

Proving Myself Right
Its always a bit of fight
sometimes with self
sometimes with others might
Living life in open fields
Unknown always of what is real
Simple stories of undone self
crazy identity returning to shelf

Monday, December 15, 2008

Young Designer....finally

The slate is clean once again..
Showing pictures unseen once again
I am standing between once again
Choosing paths serene once again

Yes time has come for another transition in life. I recently graduated from the prestigious National Institute of Design...and i can say life has again got me to the crossroads of unknown, its like when u are travelling for long not worrying about the road and suddenly u realize its time to select your path, u have to have to select..well i have decided to take some breathing moments at the crossroad as i decide where to go from here...another trip as it is..needs some preparations before i jump in the train and go somewhere.....truly now i realize, design is not about how to make things or how things must be made...its more about deciding what needs to be made in the first place...perhaps the same applies to my career as well...i need to be clear what i need to invest my time for next 2 years...before i take another pitstop like this one..

Walking ahead once again
no constraints once again
searching my path once again
have to make my mark once again....


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Singing my own tune

Around 8 days after i first started blogging....i wrote an entry where i pronounced my new journey.This is the entry Link to the blog entry.
It was a new shine...a new spirit and ofcourse it all began with the purchase of something that belonged to new phone.. yes i had bought a brand new phone for myself.It was a gift from me to myself...and yes it was completely bought by my own kadi mehnat...And guess what around 2 and a half years later i have finally shifted to a new handset...a brand new phone...a Nokia N73...another piece of technology has entered my life.
But yeah i would firstly like to thank my old phone for serving me loyally till the much so that its still working fine and i have decided not to give it away but keep it as my needs some rst now after how i have treated it.
However on philosophical front it seems very interesting to see that at that time i had just started my new life...a brand new start an erase and rewind and even today as i shift to my new phone i am at the doorsteps of another life...a life unknown....but reading that post after so many days i feel like quoting one particular phrase i had mentioned there...
."...If u feel confident u can do any damn thing... "
...the interesting part is that i am realizing the value of confidence again...i can see its implications wide and was confidence that got me my first was confidence that got me NID....and i think its high time i get back the magical powers of confidence.....
ill end it with another line from that same post....
so why feel sad and lousy when god has given me such a beatiful life , so lemme enjoy it every breath.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Parameters ..of success

the parameters of success are so varied and the way we look at them also create illusions which are not what we think or have thought of but what we see and endear to desire out of momentary outlooks and then the thoughts of wonder linger around just to deluse our journey to our existing preset goals which get lost in the mist of the new illusions.....
simple honest goals disrespected in the mist of worldly influences and short definitions of momentary fame called success

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Silence of Mind

Even darkness is not as scary as human loneliness is.
No its not about being with a set of people or not, its not about whether you have friends or not.
Sometimes even in a crowd loneliness is evident to all of us. Yet undefinable by any science or maths human loneliness is not a problem. To be alone is what we all seek someday somewhere, but we fear and when one has to meet face to face with the same fear, reality changes….

Silent thoughts in the minds keep reverberating; they keep making the clanker like an irritating ceiling fan in a doctors’ waiting room. And suddenly as we walk in this silence we don’t see a picture we experience something which we can’t control. Loneliness then cannot be called a problem, it then becomes bliss. Bliss of a different kind, to be silent from within when the whole world seems too loud to hear. At such times I question….am I really alone…well if I really am what then makes me unstable as I live in the calm of self.
A certain me fighting with an uncertain me. Both are a part of me so what makes me unstable among the shady mystery of the past present and the future….
Sometimes just a voice, an unmeaningful, unbiased yet a voice….silence cant fight it…perhaps voice being an enemy to the silence yet it respects this little voice too….it adds to the unsaidness of that silence…..calling a mere happiness or sadness to such a moment will be too amateur an act I guess….ill just call it silence….the silence of the mind…

Silent mind
Unknown find
Thoughtless moment
Death of excitement
Not Pleasure nor pain
Just a drizzle of rain

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Misinterpreted self..

I like what i dont own
I think thghts to whom i am unknown
i walk on roads to find no destination
I choose wrong paths with an explanation
i run wild but know not why i do
I find new ways but yet i dont belive
I feel little emotions even them i question
i have the tools...yet i seek extention
I choose my way and then change it everyday....