Thursday, June 26, 2008

Silence of Mind

Even darkness is not as scary as human loneliness is.
No its not about being with a set of people or not, its not about whether you have friends or not.
Sometimes even in a crowd loneliness is evident to all of us. Yet undefinable by any science or maths human loneliness is not a problem. To be alone is what we all seek someday somewhere, but we fear and when one has to meet face to face with the same fear, reality changes….

Silent thoughts in the minds keep reverberating; they keep making the clanker like an irritating ceiling fan in a doctors’ waiting room. And suddenly as we walk in this silence we don’t see a picture we experience something which we can’t control. Loneliness then cannot be called a problem, it then becomes bliss. Bliss of a different kind, to be silent from within when the whole world seems too loud to hear. At such times I question….am I really alone…well if I really am what then makes me unstable as I live in the calm of self.
A certain me fighting with an uncertain me. Both are a part of me so what makes me unstable among the shady mystery of the past present and the future….
Sometimes just a voice, an unmeaningful, unbiased yet a voice….silence cant fight it…perhaps voice being an enemy to the silence yet it respects this little voice too….it adds to the unsaidness of that silence…..calling a mere happiness or sadness to such a moment will be too amateur an act I guess….ill just call it silence….the silence of the mind…

Silent mind
Unknown find
Thoughtless moment
Death of excitement
Not Pleasure nor pain
Just a drizzle of rain