Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Singing my own tune

Around 8 days after i first started blogging....i wrote an entry where i pronounced my new journey.This is the entry Link to the blog entry.
It was a new shine...a new spirit and ofcourse it all began with the purchase of something that belonged to new phone.. yes i had bought a brand new phone for myself.It was a gift from me to myself...and yes it was completely bought by my own kadi mehnat...And guess what around 2 and a half years later i have finally shifted to a new handset...a brand new phone...a Nokia N73...another piece of technology has entered my life.
But yeah i would firstly like to thank my old phone for serving me loyally till the much so that its still working fine and i have decided not to give it away but keep it as my needs some rst now after how i have treated it.
However on philosophical front it seems very interesting to see that at that time i had just started my new life...a brand new start an erase and rewind and even today as i shift to my new phone i am at the doorsteps of another life...a life unknown....but reading that post after so many days i feel like quoting one particular phrase i had mentioned there...
."...If u feel confident u can do any damn thing... "
...the interesting part is that i am realizing the value of confidence again...i can see its implications wide and was confidence that got me my first was confidence that got me NID....and i think its high time i get back the magical powers of confidence.....
ill end it with another line from that same post....
so why feel sad and lousy when god has given me such a beatiful life , so lemme enjoy it every breath.