Monday, December 22, 2008

Proving myself right...

Proving Myself Right
Its always a bit of fight
sometimes with self
sometimes with others might
Living life in open fields
Unknown always of what is real
Simple stories of undone self
crazy identity returning to shelf

Monday, December 15, 2008

Young Designer....finally

The slate is clean once again..
Showing pictures unseen once again
I am standing between once again
Choosing paths serene once again

Yes time has come for another transition in life. I recently graduated from the prestigious National Institute of Design...and i can say life has again got me to the crossroads of unknown, its like when u are travelling for long not worrying about the road and suddenly u realize its time to select your path, u have to have to select..well i have decided to take some breathing moments at the crossroad as i decide where to go from here...another trip as it is..needs some preparations before i jump in the train and go somewhere.....truly now i realize, design is not about how to make things or how things must be made...its more about deciding what needs to be made in the first place...perhaps the same applies to my career as well...i need to be clear what i need to invest my time for next 2 years...before i take another pitstop like this one..

Walking ahead once again
no constraints once again
searching my path once again
have to make my mark once again....