Saturday, September 26, 2009

Giving Back

As we are born in this beautiful world of ours life goes on in a
sweet manner. SOme ups and downs some happys and sads...but life goes
on...unknowingly we linger down the experience with our loved ones
taking complete care of us. Be it our school issues, our
insecurities,or some serious health issues, our food our finances we
take it all for granted. We live life in a pleasent cocoon covered by
the arms of our wonderful parents ....

But then there comes a time when we realize all this, we search for
the lovely blue sky of freedom we show the desire to fly away from
the rut of this protection, this love...this caring...we seek our
liberty to set outselves free....
And as we fly away in our own dreams...we realize what the cocoon
gave us...what we need to do to stand straight away from that support
..that care...that love...

And as we think deeper just a simple thought comes to our mind....
what happens when
very people who cared for us now need care..
the very hands that protected us now need a hand to hold...the caring
that they gave us they need it....
No they wont tell u about it॥they wont make it obvious....perhaps
they will still try and cover u with protection of their now weak hands...but somewhere inside us॥we do realize...its now time for us to stand for be there for them...listen to their stories..even if they repeat them again and again...pamper them...even if it is irritating for us...serve food to them...even if we are more hungry... earn for them....perhaps money is not the only thing that can serve these purposes...perhaps just a smile on their boring jokes...just a nod on their repeated illogical questions...just a call to inform u will be more than enough for them...perhaps just a bit of us by heart and soul for them...can mean a lot for they will not ask for it...they will not say it...perhaps they also dont desperately need it...but will make a difference to them...

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