Friday, November 27, 2009



Yeah until yesterday i used to think it is the same word in english, meaning an automatic rickshaw( a three wheeled public transport vehicle).
But in my attempts to use public transport(esp. in a city where its almost a low profile act) i discovered how rickshaw and auto are two different things. Rickshaw in chandigarh ( or perhaps the north india) means a human pulled rickshaw. However the Auto means the engine powered 3 wheeler.
What struck me is not just that they are two terms and mean two different things, but how language in the end modifies to serve its core purpose, i.e. communication. Perhaps thats how new languages take birth. I see the empowerment of usability or purposefulness over the aesthetics of a language.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Reboot - Restart the cube of butter melts on the hot stuffed paratha ...i dissolve in the greens of chandigarh...Yes here i am in the city beautiful "Chandigarh" a place i never imagined i'd be working in. And yes top it with a job in a company that makes browsers internationally, and add the garnish of freedom....what more can i ask in life..

My thoughts and actions have taken me all along India...and now for the first time i will work in the North, close to the Himalayas. With most hill stations at 3-5 hrs distance and weekends off. I am all game for a new beginning i guess.

I remember sitting at the station in Japan and penning down my thoughts in the mysterious country,but never thought that i would end up in a place in India similarly.On Saturday as i sat in one of the gardens relaxed alone, and yet not really lonely...feeling the air around. With spaces and a cool was a natural flow of words describing expressing the inner feelings of my mysterious self.. Yes its clearly an indication, I am finally in a place which gives me space to get back to my writing...I need to catch up with it for long....I guess its the
beginning for a brand new story. My characters are waiting to dance back on paper...

The Place

Avoiding redundant tourism info...the tricity( Panchkula-Chandigarh- Mohali[havent been there as yet]) seems to be a silent slow place where the viscosity of time redefines your work style. Its almost opposite to what Mumbai is... The place is more structured, simple and clean. Not removing the plus points of Mumbai like public transport etc... but yeah every city has its pros and cons.
I guess achieving the right mix in modern day civilizations is kind of difficult considering the variety and energy in the new world.

The Food

Now that i am here, i guess i should get used to all the gloss, and that includes the gloss of butter and ghee on food. Most food items here are Rich in things. For a simple food loving maharashtrian its kind of tough to digest ( quiet literally). But yes ofcourse the food is also a delight for the toungue. Its like a "shaadi ka khana" everyday. I guess slowly i will move on to salad lunch/dinner which helped me gain stamina back in Mumbai.

I guess my blog will be updated regularly now...haven't composed a poetry as yet...but the wind in the air tells me..its coming...keep watchin...