Thursday, February 18, 2010

Long time no see...

Its been long since i blogged...all the new work and loads of marriages around have kept me on my toes.

Life is going in its own times i don;t realize how the week has passed by. Good or bad...well thats again relative, we are what we choose to be...if we want to be cribbing all life...we will be like that and feel the same.

The cold winters of chandigarh is surely getting homely to me. My very own home seems to be comfort cozy for me. I surely have put on some weight, but then i had to someday in life.

Everyday seems to be a new challenge, and at times the deep pensive mood of thoughts sinks in... dreams vs realities. Theory vs practicality.As we grow older, things come in the face and we have to fight through them to realize our true potential i guess.

Have been writing a lot on paper lately. Will soon share some of it on blog. The good part about it is surely that i am returning back to words...As the winds try to shake me...hope my inner strength comes to my rescue once again...

I guess after a long i am writing a self descriptive entry, the very purpose of this space is confusing at times...

For now thats to go...byee

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