Sunday, March 14, 2010

...sudden death

It was wednesday afternoon, the last week had been exciting with the extra monday holiday of Holi. Our products for which we had worked/ fought/ synchronized endlessly were finally going live. An early meeting was called upon with our European bosses... all of us skipped lunch, since we knew this was going to be a last meeting for some of us. After a moment of silence in the conference room... the announcement i heard through the first few lines of the sentence my brain was not believing my ears.It was like a sudden miss-communication between my organs. Strangely the laughter and smiles among us didnt cease, somehow the weirdness of the news itself didnt allow us to believe that such a thing has happened....but in the end we all had to accept that...
Opera India had officially closed down and everyone was laid off.

My mind had an instant boost of crazy i wasnt depressed, but i was surely unhappy. I had just syncd into this new system... Opera was one of the places where i was happy, contributive and never felt like was all a part of life...I had just started cooking well...Just settled down in my cozy apartment... office had just shifted..icards on my table were yet to be printed... all this a split second?...wasnt easy to belive or digest..

But i guess one has to move was like a sudden death of something you had just fallen in love with...dunno if i will get the same team...same work and same environment anywhere else...but yes it surely was one of the rare ones i have experienced.

Moving out of this planned city with an unplanned surprize..was the least expected.
Life goes i continue to fight out my odds.
Miles to go before i sleep...

Goodbye Opera.Goodbye Chandigarh...