Sunday, May 16, 2010

Another day...

Another day.
Started with social event called wedding. Followed by bringing smiles to a few faces. Pure happiness is so divine that it makes me feel amazingly good to see it visible on anyones face.

Also had a small chat with driver on the way back. Interestingly the chat went into areas where i wouldnt really talk normally. Be it sachins ferrari or the drivers impression of Amitabh bacchan or Mercedes. What i observed in such situations was that putting a face of agreement in front of the driver helped me listen to more and more of his natural thoughts. Yes we always have loads to share and loads to show off in terms of knowledge. But at times listening to already known knowledge shows sweet ways of how things are actually transcribed by humans.

It tells you about their culture, their backgrounds, their pains, their joys. Discrediting the thought does not succeed in any constructive communication. Instead adding to the conversation in a non " I know better" manner helps. Most of the times the person sharing may feel the control of the conversation. However the fact of the matter is that with silence and listening you can control a talk more efficiently and make them more qualitative.

Yes in a general mood of not wanting to listen to some crap of some low lying driver who stays in slums and worries about ministers would be really boring. However the element of story telling truly changes the perspective of listening and surely makes one more satisfied in the process.

Yes its not always about listening, however at the same time, its also not just about keeping your stand to say since i am more educated and more richer than this individual, I know better. The profit is always of the listener and not that of the teller.

Anyways, another one of my chats with people of the bottom of the pyramid helps me understand the ways in which they exist in this highly complex mesh called life.

Hope you are coping up with the mesh steadily...or else just listen to some strangers story...helps you look at things positively.'

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Aastha said...

i cried cause i had no shoes till i saw a man with no legs..the last line of the blog reminds me of this......