Sunday, May 09, 2010

Futurama and Doraemon : A different future

As a kid I remember drawing strange spaceships that had no connection to the engineering or working of them. I also remember specifically watching on the then B&W TV connected using the new buzz of the town called “Cable TV”. I used to watch a Japanese animation where a strange looking Cat used to help his owner by getting high tech devices from his pocket. Not that I understood Japanese language back then….but yes I surely used to be excited with the innovative devices.
Switch to the future…here I am 26 year old and I happen to be still hooked on the same animation and now I know its name…Doraemon. I simply salute the animators (Hiroshi Fujimoto) innovative thinking capability in creating such an awesome near to reality yet futuristic animation.
I clearly see a connection to consumer goods when I see the immense amount of devices( Also called as Dogu) Doraemon comes up with. From Anywhere door to Small light are somethings yearned by scientists for years. What is also interesting is the interactions of these devices. For example one of the dogu which was very similar to todays google earth. In this device one could project any place in the universe and then click snaps of ours in that place. If you look at it closely we can actually make such devices where a merger of software and hardware can create amazing devices.

As Doraemon keeps amazing me another animation has been one of my favorites off late…and that is Futurama. Created by the makers of Simpsons, this futuristic comedy is truly amazing. The pun intended on every aspect of futuristic life is truly exciting.

The animation is surely not for kids with its slightly adult script, but yes again the innovations of the future even here are exciting to watch. Be it advertisements being broadcasted in dreams or the heavy drinking robot benders sarcastic speech.

The animation is set in the year 3000 and it shows how the character Fry time travels to the future. The invasion of aliens and human interactions with robots and fellow aliens.

The animation surely brings us to think about the future in a more playful exciting manner.

So next time you want to visualize the future or rack your brains on some design scenarios..You can watch episodes of Doraemon and Futurama on Youtube.


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