Sunday, December 11, 2011

Relationship Status: Married

Its that time of the year when I recall all that happened back in this year. And surely this year has been one with huge events of my life. And ofcourse the biggest one being...My Marriage. Yup I am no more a bachelor, I am hooked with the pretty lady of my life.
I always dreamt as a kid to get married via love marriage. I guess that inner wish of mine lead to me looking for love everywhere. But with gods grace and a tad little bit effort from me, i finally made it. :) .

Marriage is surely not just about two people meeting, i would say that part is love, commitment relationships etc. But when it comes to marriage its a different ball game altogether.
I remember the first time i popped the question to her, the anxiety on my face ( or should i say whole body) was highly visible. But right from popping the question to "realizing" what it is , is a different journey altogether.
First thing i would like to tell all those marriage aspiring love couples out there would be "Marriage is not about you, its for you", mark those words deeply. Marriage is more of a social certification, that you have to complete to graduate in the university of life officially. So just like during academics we loved to understand topics or have fun exploring it, but never liked the exam part. Marriage is that 'exam' part.
Now with exam comes in anxiety, the pressure to score, the parental outlook, the "how much will my son/daughter score" perspective and loads of other things. No doubt the legal proof of marriage is called "Marriage Certificate" because all couples who go through the test truly deserve it.
And by all this i dont mean to put it in bad light. Exams are never bad, we make them look bad. Because i guess you have to prepare for them, and also make sure you follow those academic rules to perform the best. You are constrained of time, resources and emotions are oozing to the maximum.
After a time in the process of marriage the bride and the groom have to follow what the family members say, and trust me that becomes hell of a task over time. But the key is to keep your cool, and let it all happen. Just like pre-exam memories that we later make fun of on coffee tables, Pre-marriage stuff that looks tough also starts looking funny after marriage.
So enough of philosophy, a bit about how my important event of life happened. Well it was surely fun and excitement. The mix of two distinct cultures 'Punjabi & Maharashtrian', was the challenge in its own stride. But yeah if i had to say one thing as a host, i would say kudos to the caterers, the food surely bridged the gap. Not that i am patting my own back, but most guests loved the food, which i feel did the trick. Marriages are like those award ceremony events, with everyone performing, but not on stage. Each family member is doing some or the other background jig to make the thing successful. Its these small efforts which brought in the beauty of the final show.
But after it all ended, it surely gives you the feeling, "dude You're Married" , which the panditji would never say, but i almost heard him saying that. :).

So here i am stepping into another year, with loads of new  and exciting relationships, promises, commitments, and above all no more stepping alone. All our lives we live alone somewhere, even if we are staying with our parents, there is a sort of self awareness. But once married, i feel its more about the dual awareness, the dual sensitivities that matter over time. Perhaps the game of life just upgraded to the next level, its time to face the new challenges, to get the new rewards.
Time for a new face my destiny.
More about 2011 and the year gone by in the next blog, cya ;)

Monday, October 24, 2011

Another page turn

So here i am, again at a page-turn of life.
I have shifted to the core of Bangalore, ( near Ulsoor) being my 11th house change since last 6 years. And life has taken its turns...learning in every new phase of its grace and glory.

As i slowly set this new space towards the welcoming of my sweetheart finally coming close to me. Yes ill be getting married on 7th of November next month, and it surely is overwhelming.

A few days of bachelorhood left...but as i look at it...a few more days of loneliness, finally i get someone dear to be with me. And trust me all you young and lonely people out there, loneliness is takes a while to realize that its getting on to your head.
So getting back to my life....its another page turn, another chapter change...or perhaps a new book all together.

Perhaps its an opportunity to restart life with new insights, new ways ...its also a kind of growth in my inner self, a self beyond any career or family, but just a whole new me. And by new me i don't mean i have left aside the old me...but its more of an upgraded matured me.

Strong words , though challenges will also come by, but i really find it exciting to delve into this unknown which i have been waiting for long now. Perhaps every kid that is born comes up to a stage like this where its not just about himself anymore. There came a phase where my realizations for my parents getting old struck me.And now it will be a part of me sharing journeys together...perhaps its like every moment in life that the whole world "told u about" but when it comes to your own experiences, they can never be generalized...becoz they are beautifully genuinely yours.

This diwali i shall rush home, since last year i was busy seeing the lights of Bangalore shine. So here i come Mumbai, lets make it happen...lets make life a better place to live.

And before i end...just a few lines :

there is hope and there is love
if it wasnt lived back better live it now
life is new, at every turn
why waste our time in useless concern
give a chance, make it happen
live again and laugh often

Saturday, July 16, 2011

My God, Your God

I believe in do u
Its just the way we want to percieve
You cant be right neither can i
Or both of us can be...we cant deny
In the end its what as humans we believe
And god smiles on us with all the definitions we concieve.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Ageing Decision making and Intuition

Just a random thought....As we grow older, our decision making needs to be stronger, to exist smoothly in the civilization...with intuition our ability to make correct guesses supposedly increases. So putting it logically shouldnt our intuition grow stronger as we age?

I dunno if this can be tested scientifically...but do older people have a stronger intuition...even if we believe intuition as a by product of more experiences?

Monday, June 06, 2011

Engagement and life thereafter

Hello folks...long time since i shared some info on the blog. Although a lot more was gradually disclosed by my social presence on Facebook, but yet a blog has its different charm. Its a stamp in time, which i owe myself to write about.

So whats happening since the last time, Well lots of things....quiet literally.

Firstly I AM OFFICIALLY ENGAGED....i know I aint a superstar to have a few "OOHHHs" after hearing that, but yes...felt like a star in one way that day. Thanks to my in laws and the wonderful ceremony that took place on April 9th 2011.

So the question comes engaged to whom? Well for those who dont know...engaged to a beautiful, intelligent, expressive and graceful girl called Jyotsna Malhotra.
She has been my NID ( Where i studied) Soulmate and a wonderful companion over time.

And just to imagine thousands of reporters out there asking me the question( So what if i am not a superstar :D) " HOW DOES IT FEEL TO BE ENGAGED"
Well it feels socially accepted, and more so it feels heavy on ur hand, especially with a solitaire :D.

In short how did the love story come up....first few dates...and then being there in times, when each one of us needed the other...yeah i know quiet boring for me to make it that dry...but its best i dont disclose it completely, Cmon guys some things ought to be personal ;)

After engagement in April, life has been fast. Quiet literally. And in the last month which still continues to some extent i had a tete-a-tete with a dreadful VIRAL infection called Hepatitis, also known in common mans terms as JAUNDICE.

Quiet a shocking period of life to know that one of those organs u studied as a kid inside ur body,LIVER, is actually inflammed...had a tough time physically, since i stay alone...however had to rush back to mumbai to get treated. Just for the record, i am much better now, but never knew a virus can take control of your body in such critical manner. Worst is it leaves me with minimum options on my dinner table.
Since i am banned to eat anything that spells FATS in it for some considerate amount of time. Especially what was gruelling was eating just boiled veggies week after week.

Now as i recover i have become more cautious over what we call DIET. Need to also slowly realize, in a matter of another 2 years ill cross that feels old doesnt it.

On the other front some good news has been the launch of IBM Intranets new avataar, which i was a part of. A global release of such a thing surely makes me happy. In a way a step ahead in my career. Thanks to the constant support from all the Senior team members.

So whats ahead from here....ill be going back to Bangalore hopefully soon and getting back to work...and perhaps marriage preparations on the sides ...Oh that reminds me to tell u...Marriage is around the table...dates to come soon...Another news which surely makes me think...its time to grow is calling where are u?

Untill Next time guys ...Astalavista...pray for my speedy recovery...will surely try and be more regular at writing these blog-updates.

Ciao...enjoy some engagement pictures here :D

Saturday, February 05, 2011

2011,Computers and much more..

Its been a while since i last posted...i know i end up writing this line in every post :P .
But yes..after procrastinating for a long time...i finally made time to do this.
Actually new years came in..silence..which ofcourse brought with itself loads of reflections. I restarted on the written (pen and paper) version of my diary again. Will surely share some of it later on.
So new year is here...its 2011 ..which looks kind of futuristic of those star trek types.Life has changed amazingly...and at a very high speed for sure. So before i get to resolutions...some achievements...I am in IBM for last 7 months... yes thats an achievement for me.. :) ...Was awarded for good a good rating for the first year...and have been given a responsibility related to IBM WW Intranet Info architecture.. So life has been good. I even got my first first paper published...and recenly had my first speech as a guest speaker :D .

As i heard IBM CEO's centennial speech(IBM is turning 100) today i asked myself...what was the passion for me to consider my first step in professional education? Why did i choose engineering in the first place? And one word came to my mind.."Computer". This machine has not only amused me as a kid, but has been the basis of my motivation to technology. Switch to today...I am working as an employee in a company that made the first computer, what better times could i ever be in. Today as i own 2 laptops, 1 desktop..2 smartphones..1 music player...i have computers all around me. If there is one passion that i followed all my is this very machine. Over times its form has changed....what u can do with it has changed..but my love for it hasn't.
Its like Sachin chose cricket...i chose computer :D.
Today as a designer i may look to have shifted away from my first love..but trust still is the back of my mind.

Now the resolutions part...well to give a hint...there are loads of things on list in this year...My sister is getting married this lots of excitement for that plus some personal things going in right directions ( :P interpret urself)

- Start blogging regularly...i think i should start using the email to blog option more often.
- Upgrade resume and portfolio...lots to put i think i should go the wordpress way now.
- Start working out regularly. Atleast some basic abs have gone :( .
- Restart work on dream projects...possibly have a page or two for it.
- Start / complete/ compile... incomplete writings...loads of it...atleast complete one!!!
- Inculcate more reading again...manual not screen based...
- Be less rude to loved ones ( this i have a tendency of being)
- Get back to freelance...need to earn the quick buck again ( atleast for my gizmos)
- Get a deeper understanding of finance and economics ( weak sectors in my life for long)
- Enjoy life :) [ this is a must, have to remind myself about it]

Many more resolutions...but those ill share in future blogs
( in that way ill atleast follow one :D)
Catch ya soon...Cya.