Saturday, February 05, 2011

2011,Computers and much more..

Its been a while since i last posted...i know i end up writing this line in every post :P .
But yes..after procrastinating for a long time...i finally made time to do this.
Actually new years came in..silence..which ofcourse brought with itself loads of reflections. I restarted on the written (pen and paper) version of my diary again. Will surely share some of it later on.
So new year is here...its 2011 ..which looks kind of futuristic of those star trek types.Life has changed amazingly...and at a very high speed for sure. So before i get to resolutions...some achievements...I am in IBM for last 7 months... yes thats an achievement for me.. :) ...Was awarded for good a good rating for the first year...and have been given a responsibility related to IBM WW Intranet Info architecture.. So life has been good. I even got my first first paper published...and recenly had my first speech as a guest speaker :D .

As i heard IBM CEO's centennial speech(IBM is turning 100) today i asked myself...what was the passion for me to consider my first step in professional education? Why did i choose engineering in the first place? And one word came to my mind.."Computer". This machine has not only amused me as a kid, but has been the basis of my motivation to technology. Switch to today...I am working as an employee in a company that made the first computer, what better times could i ever be in. Today as i own 2 laptops, 1 desktop..2 smartphones..1 music player...i have computers all around me. If there is one passion that i followed all my is this very machine. Over times its form has changed....what u can do with it has changed..but my love for it hasn't.
Its like Sachin chose cricket...i chose computer :D.
Today as a designer i may look to have shifted away from my first love..but trust still is the back of my mind.

Now the resolutions part...well to give a hint...there are loads of things on list in this year...My sister is getting married this lots of excitement for that plus some personal things going in right directions ( :P interpret urself)

- Start blogging regularly...i think i should start using the email to blog option more often.
- Upgrade resume and portfolio...lots to put i think i should go the wordpress way now.
- Start working out regularly. Atleast some basic abs have gone :( .
- Restart work on dream projects...possibly have a page or two for it.
- Start / complete/ compile... incomplete writings...loads of it...atleast complete one!!!
- Inculcate more reading again...manual not screen based...
- Be less rude to loved ones ( this i have a tendency of being)
- Get back to freelance...need to earn the quick buck again ( atleast for my gizmos)
- Get a deeper understanding of finance and economics ( weak sectors in my life for long)
- Enjoy life :) [ this is a must, have to remind myself about it]

Many more resolutions...but those ill share in future blogs
( in that way ill atleast follow one :D)
Catch ya soon...Cya.