Saturday, June 25, 2011

Ageing Decision making and Intuition

Just a random thought....As we grow older, our decision making needs to be stronger, to exist smoothly in the civilization...with intuition our ability to make correct guesses supposedly increases. So putting it logically shouldnt our intuition grow stronger as we age?

I dunno if this can be tested scientifically...but do older people have a stronger intuition...even if we believe intuition as a by product of more experiences?

Monday, June 06, 2011

Engagement and life thereafter

Hello folks...long time since i shared some info on the blog. Although a lot more was gradually disclosed by my social presence on Facebook, but yet a blog has its different charm. Its a stamp in time, which i owe myself to write about.

So whats happening since the last time, Well lots of things....quiet literally.

Firstly I AM OFFICIALLY ENGAGED....i know I aint a superstar to have a few "OOHHHs" after hearing that, but yes...felt like a star in one way that day. Thanks to my in laws and the wonderful ceremony that took place on April 9th 2011.

So the question comes engaged to whom? Well for those who dont know...engaged to a beautiful, intelligent, expressive and graceful girl called Jyotsna Malhotra.
She has been my NID ( Where i studied) Soulmate and a wonderful companion over time.

And just to imagine thousands of reporters out there asking me the question( So what if i am not a superstar :D) " HOW DOES IT FEEL TO BE ENGAGED"
Well it feels socially accepted, and more so it feels heavy on ur hand, especially with a solitaire :D.

In short how did the love story come up....first few dates...and then being there in times, when each one of us needed the other...yeah i know quiet boring for me to make it that dry...but its best i dont disclose it completely, Cmon guys some things ought to be personal ;)

After engagement in April, life has been fast. Quiet literally. And in the last month which still continues to some extent i had a tete-a-tete with a dreadful VIRAL infection called Hepatitis, also known in common mans terms as JAUNDICE.

Quiet a shocking period of life to know that one of those organs u studied as a kid inside ur body,LIVER, is actually inflammed...had a tough time physically, since i stay alone...however had to rush back to mumbai to get treated. Just for the record, i am much better now, but never knew a virus can take control of your body in such critical manner. Worst is it leaves me with minimum options on my dinner table.
Since i am banned to eat anything that spells FATS in it for some considerate amount of time. Especially what was gruelling was eating just boiled veggies week after week.

Now as i recover i have become more cautious over what we call DIET. Need to also slowly realize, in a matter of another 2 years ill cross that feels old doesnt it.

On the other front some good news has been the launch of IBM Intranets new avataar, which i was a part of. A global release of such a thing surely makes me happy. In a way a step ahead in my career. Thanks to the constant support from all the Senior team members.

So whats ahead from here....ill be going back to Bangalore hopefully soon and getting back to work...and perhaps marriage preparations on the sides ...Oh that reminds me to tell u...Marriage is around the table...dates to come soon...Another news which surely makes me think...its time to grow is calling where are u?

Untill Next time guys ...Astalavista...pray for my speedy recovery...will surely try and be more regular at writing these blog-updates.

Ciao...enjoy some engagement pictures here :D