Monday, October 24, 2011

Another page turn

So here i am, again at a page-turn of life.
I have shifted to the core of Bangalore, ( near Ulsoor) being my 11th house change since last 6 years. And life has taken its turns...learning in every new phase of its grace and glory.

As i slowly set this new space towards the welcoming of my sweetheart finally coming close to me. Yes ill be getting married on 7th of November next month, and it surely is overwhelming.

A few days of bachelorhood left...but as i look at it...a few more days of loneliness, finally i get someone dear to be with me. And trust me all you young and lonely people out there, loneliness is takes a while to realize that its getting on to your head.
So getting back to my life....its another page turn, another chapter change...or perhaps a new book all together.

Perhaps its an opportunity to restart life with new insights, new ways ...its also a kind of growth in my inner self, a self beyond any career or family, but just a whole new me. And by new me i don't mean i have left aside the old me...but its more of an upgraded matured me.

Strong words , though challenges will also come by, but i really find it exciting to delve into this unknown which i have been waiting for long now. Perhaps every kid that is born comes up to a stage like this where its not just about himself anymore. There came a phase where my realizations for my parents getting old struck me.And now it will be a part of me sharing journeys together...perhaps its like every moment in life that the whole world "told u about" but when it comes to your own experiences, they can never be generalized...becoz they are beautifully genuinely yours.

This diwali i shall rush home, since last year i was busy seeing the lights of Bangalore shine. So here i come Mumbai, lets make it happen...lets make life a better place to live.

And before i end...just a few lines :

there is hope and there is love
if it wasnt lived back better live it now
life is new, at every turn
why waste our time in useless concern
give a chance, make it happen
live again and laugh often