Sunday, December 11, 2011

Relationship Status: Married

Its that time of the year when I recall all that happened back in this year. And surely this year has been one with huge events of my life. And ofcourse the biggest one being...My Marriage. Yup I am no more a bachelor, I am hooked with the pretty lady of my life.
I always dreamt as a kid to get married via love marriage. I guess that inner wish of mine lead to me looking for love everywhere. But with gods grace and a tad little bit effort from me, i finally made it. :) .

Marriage is surely not just about two people meeting, i would say that part is love, commitment relationships etc. But when it comes to marriage its a different ball game altogether.
I remember the first time i popped the question to her, the anxiety on my face ( or should i say whole body) was highly visible. But right from popping the question to "realizing" what it is , is a different journey altogether.
First thing i would like to tell all those marriage aspiring love couples out there would be "Marriage is not about you, its for you", mark those words deeply. Marriage is more of a social certification, that you have to complete to graduate in the university of life officially. So just like during academics we loved to understand topics or have fun exploring it, but never liked the exam part. Marriage is that 'exam' part.
Now with exam comes in anxiety, the pressure to score, the parental outlook, the "how much will my son/daughter score" perspective and loads of other things. No doubt the legal proof of marriage is called "Marriage Certificate" because all couples who go through the test truly deserve it.
And by all this i dont mean to put it in bad light. Exams are never bad, we make them look bad. Because i guess you have to prepare for them, and also make sure you follow those academic rules to perform the best. You are constrained of time, resources and emotions are oozing to the maximum.
After a time in the process of marriage the bride and the groom have to follow what the family members say, and trust me that becomes hell of a task over time. But the key is to keep your cool, and let it all happen. Just like pre-exam memories that we later make fun of on coffee tables, Pre-marriage stuff that looks tough also starts looking funny after marriage.
So enough of philosophy, a bit about how my important event of life happened. Well it was surely fun and excitement. The mix of two distinct cultures 'Punjabi & Maharashtrian', was the challenge in its own stride. But yeah if i had to say one thing as a host, i would say kudos to the caterers, the food surely bridged the gap. Not that i am patting my own back, but most guests loved the food, which i feel did the trick. Marriages are like those award ceremony events, with everyone performing, but not on stage. Each family member is doing some or the other background jig to make the thing successful. Its these small efforts which brought in the beauty of the final show.
But after it all ended, it surely gives you the feeling, "dude You're Married" , which the panditji would never say, but i almost heard him saying that. :).

So here i am stepping into another year, with loads of new  and exciting relationships, promises, commitments, and above all no more stepping alone. All our lives we live alone somewhere, even if we are staying with our parents, there is a sort of self awareness. But once married, i feel its more about the dual awareness, the dual sensitivities that matter over time. Perhaps the game of life just upgraded to the next level, its time to face the new challenges, to get the new rewards.
Time for a new face my destiny.
More about 2011 and the year gone by in the next blog, cya ;)