Saturday, April 14, 2012

its time...

So 2012 is here...and its already shakin a lots of places. The recent earthquakes were surely a warning for a few. As for my start of the year...well a new and improved life...the married life. As you must have read in the last blog...i got that jyotsna is seems much different. Although its a strong learning period i would say, since marriage is not just about 2 people staying together with permission from the society and family. Its much more than that... Its a giant mixture of cultures, practices mindsets and above all identities.
And above all mine being a cross cultural one, has surely exposed me ( and jo too) about the details of our cultures and traditions.

The last time i wrote the blog, i had promised for resolutions. Well i did end up making them, but havent published them. Yet to act on them too. But in short, want to focus more of career this year, last year was full of events, with little time available for my career i guess. I will complete 2 years in IBM this year...amazing journey so far...but yes surely need to push myself more to get to use all the opportunities around this place.
Thats one of my major resolution, get focussed towards research, and try and get back to it, before its too late.
Hope to write a paper or two this that i am not stuck with ideas in my head. Sometimes u need to shift those ideas out just to make that sweet space for new ones to grow.
Perhaps ideas are more like fresh vegetables...the sooner you use them...the better they are...else u have to keep adding preservatives and make a pickle of them...else they will go stale..stink ..and take space in your fridge.

I hope to see 2012 as a transformative year...perhaps transformation is not like doesnt come to need to go towards it.

Other than that...well had a nice trip to coorg and nagarhole...will add details in a seperate post for the same.
Untill then..happy shaking...2012 is here.