Saturday, June 09, 2012

Life is a rollercoaster

Yes it surely is...with the recent set of activities in life, it has been a ride worth remembering.
The line " When you expect the least..." tends to emerge every now and then.
After a long time, i managed to go back to mumbai and this time i took a kind of long time off working from home.

With all the excitement in my head to show Jo, around and cherish the street food, it all seemed to be going as planned. And then it happened...what happened? well another one of my firsts...I was admitted to the hospital. Little did i imagine that i would be infected by travellers diarehha in my own native city Mumbai.  In medical terms Acute Gastro Entitis, was what i had...the funny thing about diarehha is that you tend to spend more time in the loo then the hospital bed you paid for.

After my first set of Drips, glucose via intravenous , i was finally back on track, thanks to the doctors and the near and dear ones to help me along. Every thing went well at the hospital and at times i wonder why people get scared of going to the hospital, its a pretty nice place with lovely people who at times give you pain with needles but also take loads of goood care of you. Only someone should change those pink dresses that they make you wear. Thats what made me more bored to be at that place.

Moral of the story: Dont over estimate your power to digest street food... :)

Back in bangalore things had pepped up so far...untill my wife got into a freak kitchen accident getting her finger cut. One of those golden words of my first aid teacher " You are not the doctor" came into realization while taking her safely to the doctor. Luckily all went well and things were in control. Now even she is getting better. Sometimes in life we plan too much, but dont realize life has its own plans.
I have started believing even strongly in the fact that "Life will teach you things" it surely does, in its own ways...

Sometimes i wonder if the thing we call God, and the thing called Life are the same things...and perhaps its one of those dual sided coins with different names...Untill Next time...take care...and avoid that street food :)