Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Every Adult was once a kid...

Every Adult was once a kid...
Who stood crying and looked stupid
Behind their serious long face
lies a naughty, chubby yet honest face
With desires to fly like superman
or do the magic like a fairy can...

Every Adult once was shy
and hugged their mothers, never knowing why
They cuddled up in their bed
when ghosts in darkness they dread

Every Adult once was free
and never had lifes monotony
They woke up with a plan to play
a jump a hop and it was end of day

They had no deadlines on their head
nor had to cook their daily bread
With millions of ideas that they had
no one judged if they were good or bad.

Every Adult once grew up
from the milk bottle to the coffee cup
but deep inside there is still a kid
who wants to live life like once they did...
- Now an Adult Amit :(