Monday, September 14, 2015

dawn to dusk of life...

As strong Amber sunlight breaks out at dawn...I wait patiently outside the airport bidding goodbye to my parents once again. Staying away for last 7 years from parents has a feeling of a different kind...and maybe the thought never crossed my mind that time has passed by in a jiffy....thanks to the "be practical...avoid being over emotional"  value your family ...being strong was always more important. 

Everyday as the sun rises over the horizon life takes a new meaning a new dimension. But we stay oblivious to the change...because we are focussed into our lives, focussed on being successful or winning smaller battles. Growing up is so much similar to a day...starting at dawn with little or no idea of the rest of the world... And then slowly u get to know the world with more and more knowing u reach a peak a time when u think u know the whole world... Just like the sun in noon...and then starts the evening a pleasant experience where u slowly give into the sunset of life...while the sunset happens...however dimming it may be it leaves a mark on your start losing over all that u gained at dawn...eventually to melt into the night with short glitters of the light of memory as stars...u can't do much now but gaze into them. And then suddenly u just doze off into your dreamworld relaxed and yet hopeful for another life to enrich the planet..