Thursday, December 29, 2016

Because we need to believe

We all look for acceptances...we want people to accept us as we are...we want people to believe in us in what we think and above all I'm what we believe in....its strange but we spend our lives looking for people who will give us all this...but we don't spend time I'm connecting with our own self. Our inner self of accepting our own a way we actually need people who will help us believe in our own selves...those are the people we should look for...because the result of what those people accomplish...can be validated by us...but if we merely rely on people who accept us...we may end up in believing in fake illusions ..which may just not be really accepting us...but merely giving that impression. When we do find people who help us believe in ourselves...over time it's not those people whom.we will look for...but maybe become one of them who makes others believe in who they are...

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