Monday, November 07, 2005

The day of relaxation

Monday morning made me its victim today , i didnt get up early and somewhere in my half conscious brain decided not to go to work today. i knew there was much to do and i was really needed in office today , but i also needed some rest , so i decided why not give my body a chance to rest .
The day wasnt as good as i thght it wuld be , i tried not to feel lonely , but somehow i was , some memories were twisting in my brain , some decisions i havent made were still around in my head.I needed to talk to someone today , had a strong urge to talk to someone (special) but wasnt able , my ego hampers my thgts at time .But life goes on .
It seems tommorow is another hectic day, my mailbox sez it all . But again what is life without challenges, its just tht i need to press my self harder to reach the goal , hope i am successful.
and before i end flyme2themoon's comment on my question was quiet a good one , which i didnt expect to get . Somehow i have started liking this blog thing , its fun.
I plan to sleep early today since i dont want to repeat today again tommorow.Good night world

I dont understand , i dont know
where do i stand , where i want to go
the road seems long ahead
to succeed however on it i have tread
sometimes this soul gets confused with myraid thoughts
it links itself with unsaid knots
its tough i know to pull out of it all
but tommorow ill run even if today i crawl


Riky said...
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flyme2themoon said...

um yeah we do have conversations with just friends, but like i said it'll be alot about stupid little things. if she really does care about you, then she'll really want to know what's going on in your life and she'll also want to share most of her good AND bad things with you. If she's really into you she'll try to find a way to tie things you guys do together into your conversation alot.

Le Gal said...

Good one:)thought provoking:p