Monday, November 07, 2005

My first blog

I had heard about blogs long ago but never tried to create one for myself , and after lots of contemplation (which is natural to my behavior) i finally decided lets give it a try . I somehow dont understand the reason for blogging , however i do agree it is a good way to relax by writing what u felt all in day.
Ok coming to my day well... it was a nice weekend , i relaxed(actually snored) like never , wasted some time watching INDv/s SRI ODI ,lazed around , and here comes another sunday night , waiting for another monday morning . Not being used to office and work monday mornings really are bad , but its ok thats life once i go there i know ill be so engrossed that i will forget that its monday or tuesday. Lots of challenges at work place but again whats life without challenge .With god by my side i am always ready to go ..............
P.S. I know india wont win today but i think nice gameplay by indians deserve a pic in my blog
I think for the first blog this is enough.hope to be more open and clear from next time .

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flyme2themoon said...

Hey i got your comment and here's my answer b/c I don't know exactly how to reply to comments: in all honesty, if she didn't like you she wouldn't pick up the phone or talk to you for very long. Or, the conversation would be very one-sided...i hope this helps!!!!