Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Singing my own tune...

Walking down this life i sing my own tune
'coz i aint afraid to walk alone from morning to noon
this life is for me and i am for it
so why worry about some useless shit
I exist for every breath i take
why should i cry for any god damn heart break
this life is cool and i am ready for it
Walking down this journey i never want to sit

good times are rocking , i think its all up in the brain .If u feel confident u can do any damn thing , if u let yourself down then whats ur benefit .Youll cry for some time and make good things look bad,so why feel sad and lousy when god has given me such a beatiful life , so lemme enjoy it every breath.

P.S. The day was cool as you must have noticed and the image is of my latest love.My cell phone .Life rocks...

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