Sunday, November 22, 2015

अकेले चल दिए

सब झुंझ रहे है
अपने मैदान मैं
पूरी कोशिश करके फिर भी परेशान से
आशा सब को है ज़िन्दगी चल जायेगी
चाहे कितनी भी नाज़ुक हो अंत मैं संभल जायेगी 

Each one for their own

We all are fighting our own battles...
Surpassing our own mountains...
We need our sights through the focus of our light..
We need our way ...through the night and day
We dont give into the battle
Dont demean away our mettle
We try not to the end we continue to exist
Such is life.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Move on..

its time to look for another shore
to search and knock another door
rented passion values no one
whats broken once cannot be undone
you did your bit now move on
walk another path...just be strong...

Wednesday, November 11, 2015


Silent tears
Realized fears
Unsaid loss
Internal chaos
Memories galore
Orphaned shore

Looking for the ideal...

Life has off late has surely been mentoring me by putting me in situations perhaps unrealized to myself. On one end it was the birth of a young one in my family teaching me the joy and fragility of a young soul growing up with all the special attention that they require

While on the other I happened to meet the very hands that brought me up, cared for me and made me almost who I grandmother. Today as she lies in bed on the sunset of her blissful life. How vague and how different are these two ages...both need care both need a person to take care of you...while one needs it to grow stronger and faster the other leads to survive or even pass out the final years of life painlessly.

So strange is the mystery of life that we take it for granted. We wait till we find the ideal way of life. To try and practice the best of what we understand and have gained over the years...but we have so little time on this planet to do little time to even realize a few things...just when you thought you understood it all. .you start bending over in the dark old ages...the world then merely lays hope on those who have the will and conscious to exist while they short is this journey that if we waste time in understanding we may be late to experience it....maybe we keep hunting our lives to find the ideal social way of living it...of ideal self motivated way...the problem is not the approach we follow... The problem is the very facet of looking for ideal...we forget that there is no ideal...this world is all relative...

Note: My grandmother passed away last month...and this text was written sitting by her sides when i met her few days before. It surely is like her last teachings for me...from the many that she gave me indirectly, without preaching or making anything compulsary in life...

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Life will Pass by

Swiping through facebook
Reading through whatsapp
Tweeting through twitter
Meeting through gtalk

Time will pass by
Just to make u realize, you were living a lie.

Browsing through TV
Reading through the news
Cribbing through the neighbours
Critizing through the phone

Life will pass by
Just to make u realize you were living a lie..

Faking aspirations
Surving through narcicism
Sifting through frustrations
Living through illusions

Before this facet of reality you may deny
Life will pass by...

Monday, September 14, 2015

dawn to dusk of life...

As strong Amber sunlight breaks out at dawn...I wait patiently outside the airport bidding goodbye to my parents once again. Staying away for last 7 years from parents has a feeling of a different kind...and maybe the thought never crossed my mind that time has passed by in a jiffy....thanks to the "be practical...avoid being over emotional"  value your family ...being strong was always more important. 

Everyday as the sun rises over the horizon life takes a new meaning a new dimension. But we stay oblivious to the change...because we are focussed into our lives, focussed on being successful or winning smaller battles. Growing up is so much similar to a day...starting at dawn with little or no idea of the rest of the world... And then slowly u get to know the world with more and more knowing u reach a peak a time when u think u know the whole world... Just like the sun in noon...and then starts the evening a pleasant experience where u slowly give into the sunset of life...while the sunset happens...however dimming it may be it leaves a mark on your start losing over all that u gained at dawn...eventually to melt into the night with short glitters of the light of memory as stars...u can't do much now but gaze into them. And then suddenly u just doze off into your dreamworld relaxed and yet hopeful for another life to enrich the planet..

Saturday, July 25, 2015

We are all born alone...

We are all born alone...through the eternal silence of the womb to the noisy pandemonium of this world.
It's surely not easy journey for human life to strive through the constant battle of survival not just through the means of the unknown but also through the social constructs built by humankind before us to help us guide through this world in a so called sane manner.. So we survive and outgrow with the constant feeds of social shocks to keep our so called ego struggling through the  web of cultural complexity of human kind. We get our identity...or maybe the one which we think is ours and try to stand by it to make our existence meaningful. But little do we imagine that most of what we have and what we have built in our damn small heads is the consistency of our flown down thought processes from the past.

Who are we is then the question... Or maybe what are we...just humans in a part of a process that repeats itself over multiple lives...or are we really special after all... Are we something that never was...or just messengers in the pathway of the passage of time...are we mere passengers who travel between the journey of a system where the road is mere illusion that makes us feel that things are moving behind and we are progressing ahead....

Being grown up is not a step which we reach all of a sudden with all the necessary inputs in our heads...its more of an illusion a process that we engage into and keep being in the constant process of adding to what we are...or maybe we keep spending out what we gain to the world...mere exercise of struggling  through the same webs that we as humans have woven over the years to make our lives more successful than our counterparts...a blank madness of competition to survive and label ourselves as the best survived as against anyone else in this race called life..

Friday, June 12, 2015

A mirage of images...

A mirage of images i dont want to follow
Those brutal damages i dont want to swallow
These paths untrodden i have walked before
the winds keep blowing but there is no shore
I have not any reasons to cry
But then in moments i get lost why?